GodQuest Silent Retreats

Writer Joseph Gallager says we often don't hear our ownselves above the clang and clatter of our daily lives.  "We keep our lives so noisy," says he, "that we can't eavesdrop on the secret murmurings of our own hearts."  Things which steal our attention -like making money or preparing a meal or getting ourselves or our children to and fro.  These are all important.  The point is: The clang and clatter will continue to dominate our lives unless we do something different.  We need to make a choice that can deliver us from our routines and our routine selves.  Periodically, regularly, systematically, we can "walk away" from our noisy trappings, and disturbing distractions, if we have the will and discipline to do so.  By walking away, we walk towards something invaluable --time alone with God.

                            Come away and spend time with God in a serene peaceful lovely setting.                                                                                     We still have openings for you...






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“Tremendous!  So many details taken care of so beautifully!  A beautiful retreat.” 

“How can I be still and listen for a whole day while meditating.  I learned much quicker than I expected.  God’s holy awesome presence was definitely in this place!  More important I learned how to pray the scriptures in a way that makes sense.  Thank you. God bless everyone here.”     

“The breakfasts were wonderful and I am amazed how you think of everything a woman may need to  make this weekend comfortable.  I came to God and He answered me this weekend!  Thanks to all of  you who worked so hard to give us such a special weekend.”                              

“Rooms are so feminine and cozy.   Really adds to the experience. I enjoyed the table area by the bay windows.  I spent so much time there.  God bless you as you minister to women.”  

“Awesome! Excellent and will return! This is my 3rd retreat and I love it more each year! When I first came in, it was so peaceful walking through the doors.  It is just a wonderful place to be alone with God.”

“The presence of the Lord was so strong here that words cannot explain. I truly receive truth this weekend.”

“I just thank God for the peace and rest I feel in my mind and body.  This GodQuest ministry is a blessing to me.  It is wonderful to have alone time with God.”                       

 “Something very intimate and different happens each time I come to GodQuest.  He reveals Himself to me and I go home better and stronger, ready to face the challenges of life.  One of my favorite sayings is “life is tough but God is good. I can’t wait to get home yet I’m looking forward to the next retreat!’