2012 Contests at Spruce Hill

March 7, 2012

For 2012, here at Spruce Hill, we are loaded with different exciting contests and raffles in partnership with our generous co-sponsors, just as almost for  every one, for every thing, for every day special. Check back this page regularly as we feature new ones very often. Win a Romantic Getaway for yourself and your loved one, a Dine & Stay package for yourself and your mom or dad, a Dinner with Grace package for your beloved pastor, a Getaway- Treat for you and your pet, a Girls' Night-Out or Guys' Getaway or Boating Escapade with your friends, a Thanksgiving or Christmas Package for your family, a Ski Escape Package on New Year's Eve, Spa Package on your anniversary, a Photo-Shoot Package on your honeymoon, or even a Babymoon Specials as Parents-to-Be. If you thought of a cool contest, you are welcome to suggest it to us --you might even win something just for giving us the idea!   Click here for a list of our different contests. 

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Looks great for a much needed getaway!
Beverly Larvia at 3:31pm EDT - May 31, 2012
really looking for a great romantic place for our 20th anniversary. this looks great.
karen meadwell at 5:42pm EDT - June 4, 2012
Spruce Hill looks like a perfect place for a relaxing couple of days to reconnect with nature and that's not far to get to!
Claudia DAttellis at 10:55am EST - November 5, 2012
I have never stayed at any kind of bed and breakfast, looks amazing.. wishing my awesome girlfriend and I didn't have to spend so much money on rent and medical bills.. but God is still great.. ;-)
Matthew 18:20
Randy Caven at 11:44pm EST - January 2, 2013
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